1. How long will it take for my HouseMug order to arrive? 

With free standard shipping your order will arrive in approximately 5-7 days.    

Expedited shipping options are available during the checkout process.

2. Is assembly required?  Can they be taken apart for storage? 

HouseMugs consist of several lightweight panels that are combined to create larger designs using included metal rods.  

The processes for assembly and take down/storage are quick and easy and should take no more than a few minutes.

3. How are they installed?  Do I need any special tools or materials? 

Installing HouseMugs is no more difficult than putting up other types of seasonal decorations. 

Due to the wide variety in house styles and building materials, however, there are no simple rules that work for all installations.  

Included in each HouseMug order is a package of adhesive fasteners, zip ties and hooks that will work for most installations and no additional materials will be required. 

Some Installations require additional materials such as screws and/or nails.  These can be purchased at your local hardware store and installed using a standard hammer or screwdriver. 

Installation Suggestions 

  • HouseMugs are lightweight, but cumbersome due to their large size so we recommend recruiting a friend or family member to help with the installation. 
  • Depending on the installation height, you may need multiple ladders.   
  • HouseMugs should be firmly fastened to minimize the risk of falling off during windy or rainy days.     
  • Test the attachment method on a less visible section of your house to ensure it does not damage the surface upon removal. 
Installation Guide: Download

    4. Are HouseMugs durable?  Can they be re-used? 

    HouseMugs are made out of lightweight durable panels with digital prints that can re-used for many years.    

    HouseMugs are shipped in flat cardboard boxes that can be used for storage between seasons.   The box dimensions are approximately 4 feet by 3 feet by 4 inches. 

    5. Are HouseMugs Recyclable? 

    HouseMugs can be added to recycling bins with other plastic items such as milk cartons and detergent bottles. 

    6. What is your delivery area? 

    HouseMugs can be shipped to any Fedex delivery address within the continental U.S.