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Homes come in all different sizes so we made HouseMugs in a variety of sizes to provide a custom fit for everyone. Refer to the product pictures for scale and dimensions of each size and pick the one that best suits your house. See the "Sizing Guide" in the Help section for more information.

CAUTION: HouseMugs are BIG.... bigger than you're expecting and bigger than anything you'll see around the neighborhood. :  They are designed to make your house stand out and be noticed. If you want under-stated decorations this halloween you've come to the wrong place.


HouseMugs are made out of the same material used in for commercial signage for years.

 The 3mm thick corrugated plastic panels are stain-proof and weatherproof to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. While other decorations will roll up, fray or bend around the edges, HouseMugs remain sturdy and look great year after year.

The corrugated centers provides stiffness without adding weight, making HouseMugs easy to install in a variety of locations around your house with only a few attachment points. 

HouseMugs can even be installed where the designs extend above roof lines for an extra-dramatic look.


HouseMugs are shipped in flat boxes that use up minimal storage space between seasons. 

The printed panels are combined to make the large design elements using included aluminum rods.   At the end of the season they can be taken apart just as easy. 

HouseMugs are designed to be re-usable for many years.  


There are many ways to attach a HouseMug and all the materials for a secure installation are included with every order.

All HouseMugs come with small, precut holes around the perimeter. Thread one end of the included zip ties through the holes and to the other end to the included adhesive mounting squares.

The mounting squares can be attached to your house using the adhesive backer or attached with the included screws and anchors.

The mounting squares can even be left up after the season making next years' installation that much easier. 

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